DES Synthesis Tool: SuSyNA (Supervisor Synthesis for Nondeterministic Automata)

This tool allows a user to perform standard supervisor synthesis and time-weighted synthesis plus functions for observer-check and DOT file generation.

GUI interface for SuSyNA

At the moment opening files with this program uses the default system program for opening that file. Thus the user will have to setup a default program for opening .cfg files, as well as .dot files. In order to view graphical visualizations of graphs we advise the user to get the program graphviz from, for opening .dot files. Any text editor is appropriate for opening and editing .cfg files.

Automaton Debugger

Automata Debugger is a free automata debugger tool developed by Cyber Physical Intelligent System Research Group @ Nanyang Technological University, School of EEE.

Requirements: .Netframework 4.6 (already installed in Windows 10), Graphviz (optional).

DES Tool

A tool for the synthesis and analysis of discrete event systems. Technically, DESTool is implemented as a graphical front-end to the discrete event systems library libFAUDES.

CIF (Compositional Interchange Format for hybrid systems)

CIF is an automata-based modeling language for the specification of discrete event, timed, and hybrid systems. The CIF 3 tooling supports the entire development process of controllers, including among others specification, supervisory controller synthesis, simulation-based validation and visualization, verification, real-time testing, and code generation.